Dr. Josef Noldin (1888 - 1929)

In mid-December of each year, the Josef Noldin Memorial Celebration is held in Salurn.

In honor of Dr. Noldin, the five rooms in the Manor were named after persons closely associated with Noldin: The “Carl and Amalie” room is named after Noldin’s parents. The “Pepo and Mela” room was given the pet-names of Noldin and his wife. And the “Ida,” “Helena,” and “Anneliese” rooms were named after his sisters.

The history of the Noldin Haus

On account of its modern conference rooms, the spacious Aula (auditorium), and its comfortable guest rooms, it soon became a center for various different German-language clubs and associations and a popular meeting place for people from the north, east, and south of historic Tyrol.

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